There an average return of $44 for every dollar you spend email marketing

The simple truth is that signing up for a Mailchimp or Constant Contact account & sending mass emails is fine – but it won’t increase your bottom line. Unfortunately, that’s all most REALTORS have time for.


Between everything that’s required just for you to stay afloat in the South Florida real estate industry, you probably don’t have time to craft persuasive & powerful email copy, segment your lists, optimize your send times, & avoid the dreaded Spam folder.


We do.

Emails That Actually Get Read

In today’s hyper-connected world, you’d think email marketing wouldn’t hold the same weight it did in, say, 2003. While that’s true to a point – it’s important to optimize all your communication channels – few direct response options offer the ROI of email.

In fact, email marketing has time & time again proven itself as the most cost-effective communication solution for small businesses. Combine that with how seamlessly property listings lend themselves to email distribution…& you have nothing less than an opportunity for explosive growth.

What does that growth look like? We’ll focus on the following areas when creating & optimizing your email campaigns:

• Opt in form creation
• List creation, management, & segmentation
• List growing
• Hyper-targeted campaigns
• Demographic, location, & industry targeting

• Listing email creation
• Local area email creation
• Newsletter creation
• CTA placement & optimization
• Content distribution

• Email personalization
• Avoiding the Spam & Promotion folders
• CAN-SPAM Act adherence
• Multichannel marketing
• Email scheduling

• Other custom areas by request

On their own, these areas don’t mean much, but when you combine them, sprinkle in further brand building & lead generation methods, & add them all to a holistic marketing campaign – you see serious results.

What those results look like depends on your individual goals. Want more leads? Done. Want to increase your exposure throughout South Florida? We got you covered. Whatever it is – we’re here to make it happen.

Let’s get started.

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